John Gøtze

Dr John Gøtze

John Gøtze is the CEO and co-founder of  EA Fellows ApS, a Danish consulting, coaching and training firm specialising in enterprise architecture.

Dr Gøtze managed the Executive Master program in IT Leadership and Management at the IT University of Copenhagen, and taught enterprise architecture to graduate and post-graduate student there for over 15 years. John was also a lecturer at  Copenhagen Business School where he lectured and supervised projects in EA.

He served as President of the Association of Enterprise Architects (a|EA) from 2008-2010, and was the Chief Editor of the Journal of Enterprise Architecture from 2010-2015.

He has served as enterprise architect at the National IT and Telecom Agency in Copenhagen, and participated in developing the Danish national policy for a government-wide enterprise architecture and interoperability framework that included a service-oriented architecture. In the EU IDA program, he was involved with developing the European Interoperability Framework under the eEurope program. He worked as an e-government policy advisor to the Swedish Agency for Administrative Development in Stockholm.

As a civil servant, Dr. Gøtze co-authored several Danish and Swedish official policy documents, including the White Paper on EA in Government and The 24/7 Agency: Criteria for 24/7 Agencies in the Networked Public Administration. He holds a PhD in Technology and a M.Sc. in Engineering, both from the Technical University of Denmark.