EA Standards

Enterprise architecture is a discipline that uses and promotes a wide range of standards. In iEAi’s EA approach, standards are seen as a “cross-cutting thread”, and a major concern for enterprise architects.

iEAi aspires to be complaint with the “pure” EA standards, the standards for EA itself. Of these, iEAi has special focus on:

ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010:2011 – Architecture description

addresses the creation, analysis and sustainment of architectures of systems through the use of architecture descriptions. A conceptual model of architecture description is established. The required contents of an architecture description are specified. Architecture viewpoints, architecture frameworks and architecture description languages are introduced for codifying conventions and common practices of architecture description. The required content of architecture viewpoints, architecture frameworks and architecture description languages is specified.

Other standards of interest are:

  • ISO 15704:2000 – Industrial automation systems — Requirements for enterprise-reference architectures and methodologies
  • ISO 26000:2010 – Guidance on social responsibility
  • ISO 38500:2008 – Corporate governance of information technology
  • Industry standards such as TOGAF + ArchiMate